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Hasport Replacement Inserts UNIVERSAL

Brand: Hasport | Category: Motor Mounts
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
U6061 6061-T6 Solid Mount Inserts
2 Inserts Needed Per Mount
U94A Most Extreme Race Urethane
2 Inserts Needed Per Mount
U88A Extreme Race Urethane
2 Inserts Needed Per Mount
U62A Street Urethane
2 Inserts Needed Per Mount
U70A Race Urethane
2 Inserts Needed Per Mount

Product Description

Replace your worn urethane – or upgrade to a more aggressive compound with Hasport Replacement Polyurethane Bushings.

Hasport Mounts come with polyurethane bushings that can be easily replaced. Urethane bushing are available in 3 durometers; 62A (street), 70A (race), 88A (extreme race).

The 62A is designed for street driven cars that may make it to the track once and a while. The 70A is designed for race only applications. The 88A extreme race is designed for high horsepower, drag strip cars. For the truly hardcore is the 94A, which is reserved for only the most extreme race conditions.

Also available in 6061 Aluminum, which requires machining for the mounts to fit.

Please Note: Replacement Inserts are sold “by the half” meaning if you have a four mount kit – you need eight Replacement Inserts.

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