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8AN-WGS Hose End Cover
Size 8AN
8AN-Y62 Y Fitting
Size 8AN Inlet to Dual 6AN Outlets
4AN-WGS Hose End Cover
Size 4AN
6AN-WGS Hose End Cover
Size 6AN

Product Description

This Y fitting is great for fuel systems. With a single 8AN inlet and 6AN dual outlets, this fitting is perfect for dual feed rail setups on race and turbo cars where adequate fuel delivery is very important.

8AN Hose End Cover
8AN Hose End Cover has a built in worm gear clamp. Use when clamping our 8AN braided hose.

Honda Banjo Fitting
This Honda banjo fitting adapts OEM style fuel to a 6AN male fitting. This allows you to run 6AN hose straight from your stock fuel filter. This fitting can also be used on the EG Civic and DC2 Integra to use 6AN hose straight from the fuel pump. This connect to any OEM M12 banjo.

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